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The Scribe's Cover Letter

Updated: May 12

Written Forest

2 of Moonshine of 4006

Dear Head Scribe,

I am writing this letter because I desperately want to be a scribe like yourself. No. Definitely not a good start. It’s true though. Ok, try again.

I was born and raised among words and have found, during my basic training, that I want to stay among them. There is no more precious gift than to be able to write the recorded history, to know that your hands are everyday bearing information that will guide and enlighten future generations!

(this is so dramatic, would you hire someone like that? Again it is true, they should value honesty. I think they do. This stays.)


Beyond the basic training, I have been taking extra classes in writing reality and speed writing at the Art of the Word Center. I also volunteer during the winter to help the kids learn better, and we created very strong bonds. We are planning on taking them to the Central Pavilion to visit the Library next semester to inspire them to be the next generation of Scribes.

I am aware that the final decision always comes from the council on Destiny Day, but I hope that you can consider this letter for the choice, I would be delighted to keep helping the Scribe community to grow and thrive.

I feel like I said everything but it’s too short. UGH. I know, I know, ironic right? I want to be a scribe but can’t even write a cover letter. But hear me out: a cover letter is no history. Fine, it’s kinda my history, but then for that, there would be another person to write!! That is the whole point of having multiple scribes, so no one has to write about themselves. This should be forbidden. FOCUS.

I was born in the Written Forest and I’ve established a long-lasting friendship with words. Since basic training, my highest scores have been in the subjects related to reading and writing, and I am always looking to better myself and my technique. Beyond the training I’ve participated in the Writing Reality and Speed Writing classes at the Art of the Word Center, receiving honors for dedication and effort.

I volunteer twice a week and the Center as a class monitor to help the kids with their classes and I also help in the events office to help prepare activities and events to promote the reading and writing habits. This semester we are planning to take the kids on a field trip to the Central Pavillion so they can see the main library. Our focus is to inspire the future generation of Scribes.

I am very passionate about words and the possibility to write history every day would be an honor to me. I understand that the definition of a career only happens during Destiny Day and that the council always chooses well, but I also know that letters like this one can be taken into consideration. My favorite quote from the Book of Destinies is “Destiny is not a page full of words, but instead a blank page where words can appear or be written upon.” and for that, I would like to try and maybe write a piece of my own destiny.

Thank you for your time,

Myu Hanne

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