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Updated: Feb 16

Before I learned to read and write, I would take a notebook and fill its pages with scribbles, trying to mimic the page of a book or a page of one of my mom’s notebooks just because I thought it looked beautiful: A page full of letters. I often wondered what meanings lay behind those words. When I finally started to connect the dots, or in this case, the letters, words, and phrases, I quickly became fascinated by finding meaning. It was like cracking a code, every opportunity to read was also an opportunity to unravel a mystery, get a joke, and learn more. Even reading signs and warnings sounded just as exciting as reading a novel.

And of course one day my search for meaning got to my name. My parents didn’t choose Marcela for any particular reason beyond “it’s pretty”, but I went on the internet to search for its meaning anyway. And there were 2 main results:

1- It comes from Mars (the planet)

2- It comes from Mars (the Roman god of war, that also named the planet)

I was not very excited about these results. I never liked fighting or wars. And I already felt different enough, definitely didn’t need to feel like an alien…

Time went by and these ideas started to gain different meanings inside me. I realized that not every war is bloodshed and much of the fighting takes place inside ourselves. We often battle our minds, thoughts, ideas from others and so much more. At the end of the day being a warrior is not so bad after all, it can even be necessary.

And being an alien is not that bad either. I was, for almost two years and a half, officially an alien. Legally. But that is another story. The point is I realized that “alien” is a word we created to inform that a being comes from another place. It does not mean “a being that doesn’t belong” because belonging comes from within. Even when I was officially an alien I felt like I belonged to where I was like never before. And to be from another place particularity that I hope one day we will all celebrate. To have the label of “being from another place” means you moved, it means that you had to leave your comfort zone and that you are open to learning different things.

So when I thought about a handle for social media a few years ago I had a few criteria:

1- I wanted it to relate to my name but not be my name.

2- I wanted it to create an image in people’s heads.

I tried many combinations, anagrams, word plays, and I finally started testing with “martian” when I came across “martian shore” and it sounded perfect. I could immediately see a red beach, many years in the future where people and beings from all over the galaxy would come to spend the summer, their vacation, or their lives. A red sand beach, with warm water. A place to belong. So that is what I chose to name my social media, but especially this blog. This is a place to belong, we are all marbles in the galaxy, unique and complex planets and I hope we can all come together here, get some cold beverages and enjoy the everlasting summer at the Martian Shore.

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