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The Magician: “Young and sweet, only seventeen”

Updated: Feb 16

Her steps were muffled by the dry dirt that covered the valley. She disappeared and appeared again every 10 meters, sometimes jumping, sometimes running, sometimes walking. At some point, it looked like she was dancing with the heat emanating from the ground in waves. She was going towards the only house in many miles. It was green and covered in yellowish dirt with dark orange roof tiles. There was a very squalid and tiny tree by the house and some small, thorned bushes sprinkled around the property grounds. There was a terrace on the first floor with some chairs and tables, but they were empty. The doors and the windows were closed, but it looked like a typical bar you would find in that region with its name painted on the wall. On the second floor, there was a balcony with a closed door. In one second the girl was about to smash her face on the house, and on the next, she was holding on to the balcony’s half wall. She was so used to it by now, that she jumped over the half wall using only one hand and went straight to the door.

She opened it carefully to find a sleepy Vic, laying on the bed. She smiled thinking:


Then she disappeared from the door and appeared beside the bed. She took a deep breath and then shouted:


Vic Woke up in a snap and if it wasn’t for Tina catching him on time he would’ve fallen on the floor.

-YOU’RE 17! YOU’RE FINALLY 17! - She continued, holding his face.

After a few seconds where it looked like he was still waiting for his body to download his soul, Vic Finally answered back:

- I AM 17!

- Yes! Now get ready! I have a surprise for you! - Tina walked out of the room to the balcony to give Vic some privacy while he mumbled something along the lines of “I am so happy I picked up my outfit weeks in advance”. She laughed because she knew it was true, this boy liked his planning.

After a few moments, Vic entered the balcony using a new shirt, his brown leather vest, and new shorts. Tina was impressed and took a moment to compliment her friend.

- Oooow that is nice!

Vic bowed exaggeratedly.

- Thank you very much! One cannot celebrate 17 years old without a new outfit. But I don’t think I ever will find a suitable replacement for this vest.

- Yeah, probably not. - Tina smiled and agreed.

- Sooo, a surprise huh?

- Yes! - Then she took out of her small bag a glass jar full of sugar cane candy.

- Rapadura?! - Vic gasped, that was his favorite treat of all times, he would always be happy with that as a gift.

- For a sweet new cycle! - Tina added.

- THANK YOU! - Vic answered and hugged her.

Vic took one candy and put it in his mouth. Pure bliss washed his body. Tina gave him another hug and before she could say anything else the door opened again.

- Oh, you beat me! - Said Helena, Vic’s mother, seeing that Tina had given her gift first.

- At least once, I did! - Said Tina. They had this pretend rivalry of who gave Vic happy birthday first.

- But it’s ok, I saved the best for last! - Said Helena, while pulling Vic into a big hug.

Vic and Tina exchanged curious glances. - Now let’s go! You guys need to eat before the trip!

They agreed and followed her back to the room and out of the other door to the inside of the house. Tina had so many questions for Vic but she knew that they would have time to talk during the trip. Vic was very excited, seventeen was a turning point in everyone’s lives, the year of high training! He had only heard the stories Tina told him, she has been in high training for a year already, but no matter how much she would tell him, he knew his experience would be completely different because she had powers. He didn’t. And that is why they had to travel in the first place.

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