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Part II - The Last Plan

Updated: Aug 26

After hearing that Auic just waved her hand and dropped the bottles and the books on the floor. She was crying. Arcandor woke up with the noise, but he quickly went back to sleep. Venus regretted saying it and tried to make it better, but words failed her. These were the only moments Venus missed her legs, and the ability to run away from these situations. But now she could only cry too. Auic put Peter in his oven with some extra flour so he could rest. And then she put Venus on her sleeping spot on the counter. Then she went to the living room, opened some space on a corner a little hidden from the kitchen and with a good view of the sofa to keep an eye on Arcandor. Eventually, everybody slept except for her. Silent tears came down from her eyes, non-stop.

It was way past midnight when Arcandor woke up suddenly. He was having a nightmare about angry flying pizzas eating him. He looked around a little confused and slowly remembered what had happened in the last hours. He took deep breaths, staring at the ceiling. Then he felt the tingling sensation of being observed and looked around, he found Auic’s eyes fixed on him. They were red and puffy, but dry.

-What’s your name again? - Auic asked.

-Oh, it’s Arcandor. What’s yours? I don’t think I got it earlier.


-Pretty name.


Silence fell between them. Arcandor tried to think of ways to ask why she was crying or to say something nice to make her feel better.

-Are you ok? - He asked finally. Not very creative. But it was a start, he thought.

- No. But that doesn’t concern you. - Auic answered harshly.

- Well. I hope you feel better. You have very good company here.

- I know.

- By the way, how did you find a talking pizza? Was that an enchantment…

- That is none of your business. - She got up.- If you are so well to ask questions, then maybe you should pack up and go.

- But it’s the middle of the night. - Arcandor protested.

- Exactly. You either sleep or go away. No questions.

- Fine. - Arcandor said and turned his back to her.

Auic sat down and started crying again. She couldn’t bear the questions. That was precisely the reason they lived far away. Because to not be able to answer those questions, or even have to answer them in the first place broke her heart. Arcandor felt a pain in his chest when he heard the tiniest of sniffs. He knew that he had made her cry, and that was the last thing he wanted to do. He thought that a flying pizza was a pretty funny and interesting thing to talk about. Maybe he was wrong. Soon enough exhaustion got to him and he fell asleep again.

The next morning Arcandor woke up once more feeling like he was being observed, this time it was Venus who stared at him from the counter.

- Good morning. - He said pleasantly.

- Good morning!

He got up from the couch and realized Auic was not in the corner of the living room. Maybe she got tired of keeping an eye on him and got some sleep. Good for her, he thought. And determined to make up for the day before he asked Venus for some directions, where were the plates and the food so he could prepare breakfast for everybody. Venus was more than happy to help.

While Arcandor prepared some eggs, toasted some bread, and prepared Peter’s yeast, Venus couldn't help but think that he could be the answer to their problems. A way to end their solitude, to end Auic’s obsession, a way to finally have a chance to choose how to live their lives, and own everything that had happened. But she had to be careful, and she would need Peter’s support for this.

-Peter, your yeast is ready! - Arcandor said putting a little decorated bowl by the oven.

- I’am coming in a few moments - Peter answered weakly from inside.

- Oh, no problem! - Answered Arcandor, a little disappointed. Maybe he was still angry about what happened.

- Don’t worry, this time it was not your fault. - said Venus, as if she had read his mind. - He drank a bad drink, yesterday, we always take a day to get better.

- Ah… I think I remember some noise. But I was too exhausted.

Peter finally left the oven, he was flying again but very slowly. He tried to eat some yeast but he was still very nauseous.

- And how about you, what do you usually eat?

- Well, I am a Venus flytrap, so usually flies and they come to me.

- What a coincidence! Venus is my friend’s name.

And before Venus could come up with something to say to that, Auic enters the kitchen. Her mood was even better than the day before, she was wearing her maroon robes, and her hair was tied in a bun. Her eyes were still red and puffy, but fainter.

- Good morning! - she sang, smiling at everyone present. Including Arcandor. Venus was happy for the distraction, Arcandor seemed to be almost hypnotized by her, but something was off.

- I am glad to see you’re better. - Said Arcandor, he was still feeling a little guilty to make her cry the night before and seeing her smile made him feel all warm inside.

- Hey Auic, where is that sickness potion? - Peter asked.

- Oh, it’s in my room, on the table. - she answered, a little more worried than happy. Then she turned to Arcandor and lit up again. - I am happy to see you better as well. And even making breakfast for us. Thank you very much!

Venus looked at Auic intensely. Auic realized it.

- And why aren’t you at your spot? - She asked Venus. And then grabbed Venus to put her on the window sill.

- Are you ok? - Venus asked in a whisper before Auic left her on the window sill.

- Yes! It turns out, our friend here will be useful to us after all. - Auic answered, her smiling growing bigger. Something about the way she said it made a chill go through Venus's stem.

- So, Arcandor, tell me more about your quest. Are you out here in the forest all alone? How do you protect yourself?

Arcandor answered happily, glad to have Auic’s attention. Venus watched the scene intrigued and almost scared. After he answered a few questions, they heard some clanking noises coming from Auic’s room. She immediately got up and ran over, was Peter still feeling so bad that couldn’t take the medicine?

-Peter, are you ok? - she asked getting into the room.

-No… I am not ok… - He said, angry. He was staring at the table where a mess o books, quills and ink lived. Clearly, Auic didn’t use last night to sleep. She spent all the time studying, again.

-Look… - Auic tried to explain. She knew that he had seen what she was working on.

-No! NO! This is out of line.

-It’s an option! It may be our only option. He tried to eat you! We may not find this perfect chance again. There are spells, and it makes sense… human to human. That must be what is missing. - Auic answered while pacing around the room, collecting pieces of evidence to show him.

- How can you think about that?! - Peter was almost screaming. He loved his friend, but couldn’t believe the lengths she would go to.

-How could I not?! It’s my fault, and if there is a way to turn back, I WILL take it.

-You’re the only one wanting to go back! None of us want to go back! There is nothing to go back for. We are desperate to move on.

- But we didn’t try this yet!

- You’ll not execute this plan. That man leaves this house alive. - Peter says, getting closer to Auic’s face. Angry as never before. That was the last drop. He would leave with Venus if he had to. He never asked to be this way, but he never asked to be cured either, and especially not with human sacrifice.

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